Monday, July 29, 2013

W4 - SP4Ed and MOOC Declaration

Wow - a lot of new things for me in this first session of the SP4Ed MOOC:

  • First Twitter account
  • First time working in a MOOC
  • First time using WikiEducator (even though I somehow already had an account? haha!)

I think as far as change goes, I am experiencing a lot of it first-hand!

I am looking forward to this new and different learning environment, mostly because I feel like if I can get my head around it over the next two weeks, I will be inspired to utilise these types of courses again and again. Plus, I am now pondering the possibilities of blending something like this into my classroom teaching one day - how great would it be to involve teenagers in this type of environment?

One of my best friends shared this (music teachers, it is a part of our philosophy) but I started to see how this could apply to an online learning environment where students connect with people outside of their immediate class/community and are able to share and develop ideas and accomplishments.

I hope that maintaining a blog for this course will help me develop my ideas in an organised way - being able to reflect back on where my thinking was vs. where it is will allow me to move forward more effectively in my learning and understanding of the content.

Another thing I hope to gain both from EDEM630 in general, but also the SP4Ed, is connections with other people of various professions and experience. I do hope that I am able to keep in touch with the people I learn with here through social media (like my new Twitter account!).

Here's to new experiences!


  1. Hi Sarah, I like the purple quote - it could also apply to other areas in our school curriculum, and to the wider online world- as you say. I also found I already had a twitter and wiki educator account, and I'm not certain how that happened! The connections with others are great, especially if you are a distance student sitting in your study, grateful that you haven't got the webcam activated because you're still in your dressing gown. Now what's going to be new today?

  2. Hi Sarah

    It's good to hear your perspective on the blogs versus discussion forum debate. There is certainly an element of relief not to log on and find a string of 20 posts to read. I'm interested in your journey with Moodle. We've had Moodle as our LMS for many years now, but Moodle 2 was launched just last week. At Learning Services we're big on helping students develop those skills you mention to be independent learners. But a lot of our resources are static, written materials. The challenge for us is to develop a Moodle site with resources that are accessible to all students, considering differences in language and learning abilities, and to make some interactive. It has to look inviting as well. I recently saw a UC student support Moodle page with learning activities displayed as App-like icons. Very cool.

    Sorry, I'm rambling. Good luck with your topic. I will follow with interest.


    1. Thanks for the ramble Kevin! :) I am also looking at ways to make Moodle more interactive - but at the moment I am happy when my students independently access a resource from Moodle before asking me for help/to get it for them/to print them an extra, etc.

      I am getting my head around all of the models and scenario planning still, but hoping I can connect it back to Moodle and independent learning in a meaningful way.

      How did the first week in the mooc go for you? Looking at synchronous activities is a topic I would also be interested in, so I will follow your blog as well.

      Have a good weekend,