Saturday, July 20, 2013

W2 - Provisional Essay Plan

This is my provisional essay plan - I am starting to get through the initial "fog" of my research topic brainstorm and see more connections to change in my educational context. Any feedback welcome!


The aim of this essay is to demonstrate my knowledge on the models of change in asking "how can teachers cultivate problem solving, creativity and independent learning using Moodle in NCEA classes?" Through this essay, I will demonstrate my ability to apply theory to inform practice.

Information & Organisation:

Summarize the topic, key findings and conclusion

Describe my context of change and research question including:

  • The nature and characteristics of Moodle
  • An explanation of the importance and significance of the change for teachers and learners (i.e. the why?).
  • The research question/central thesis: How can teachers cultivate problem solving, creativity and independent learning using Moodle in NCEA classes?
  • Main question in my review of the diffusion of innovation: will knowing how to incorporate these "big picture" skills have a positive effect on adoption of Moodle by teachers at Waiheke High School?
Main Themes:

Here I will include a description/summary of the diffusion of innovation with connections to my topic and context. I will then review  implications of the change model for my own context (covering both strengths and shortcomings or pros and cons of the model).

  • How does Moodle size up using Rogers’s  5 Factors?
  • At what point in the diffusion process are the teachers at my school?
  • How can early adopters effectively influence teachers in cultivating these skills using Moodle?
  • How is our school social system effecting the rate of diffusion?

I anticipate that adoption will be increased as teachers gain confidence and become invested in Moodle as a tool for cultivating creativity, problem solving and independent learning (including recommendations for the future or lessons learned).


  1. Dear Sarah,

    I am looking forward to following the progress you make with Moodle, as you explore its possibilities in the classroom. I have become a huge fan of Moodle over the years but find myself on a rapid learning journey as it continues to change on me. I think from an organisational aspect you will like the 2.5 version of it. Does your school host a stand alone version or is it linked to your student management system?

    Once again, it is lovely yo be with you on the course.



  2. Hi Sarah --

    I'm sure you've got this covered, but its not so much how Moodle as technology relates to Rogers' 5 factors but more how the implementation of Moodle in your context relates to the 5 factors. Its a subtle but important difference. Our "definition" of change incorporate perceived change -- namely how the players in the personal context (teachers and learners) will perceive the change. Your context is unique because you're dealing with the migration of a LMS rather than implementing an LMS for the first time. Something to think about.

  3. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for that clarification, it does make a difference for sure.

    I have also decided to focus on independent learning as the skill in my research question. I always find narrowing my focus difficult at first, but I know how crucial it is to do so in the end!

    Thanks for the feedback. I apologise for the influx of posts, but I realised that I had switched the numbers in my labels to 360 instead of 630. All fixed now!

    Sarah :)