Friday, July 19, 2013

W2 - Further Thinking

As I have been mulling over the readings, I realize that my research topic needs a lot of focusing.

I feel like currently, I am delving into a bigger issue (perhaps too big) for me to be successful in my research - especially in this time frame.

In order for me to  “demonstrate knowledge of change with ICT in education and training contexts and be able to apply this knowledge within familiar ecosystem(s),“ I need to connect to my own context.

The new plan is: How can teachers use Moodle to help cultivate problem solving, creativity and independent learning in NCEA classes.

Moodle has been introduced into my school (after a bit of a failed venture with Ultranet) and the change, although it has been nearly a year, has been slow and many teachers are still not convinced/motivated to utilize the LMS.

This topic will allow me to look through the different lenses more effectively :)

Any comments/advice always welcome!

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  1. Great to see how your research topic is getting more focus.

    Are you planning to cover all three dimensions of learning in the study - i.e problem solving, plus creativity plus independent learning? Lots to cover which means you may sacrifice depth in dealing with the change component of EDEM630. You have a unique scenario -- namely the replacement of learning management system which adds an interesting dimension.