Monday, August 12, 2013

W6 - Reflection


I feel like I have been in a whirlwind the past two weeks!

The mOOC was definitely a new and wonderful experience for me. I felt like everything I read flowed so well into the next thing. My initial anxiety and slight frustration at getting all the "pre-learning quiz" questions wrong (except for the last one, on a guess) turned into curiosity and passion for scenario planning. I am a believer for sure!

I felt myself wanting to read and watch everything (as well as take notes), which is probably why I fell behind a bit at times. I found it hard to "skim" or pick and choose what resources to digest. Alas, as it was part of the process, I did cull it down a bit and was able to finish, albeit still a couple of days late.

Reading other people's blog and forum posts has helped me heaps, and I am grateful for such an open and encouraging group of classmates. I have felt more connected to my classmates in this course than in any other online class, which is so great.

I am feeling excited about completing my official assignment for the course, though still overwhelmed as usual, more so now in a positive way, if that makes sense!?

Hope everyone is having a great week - it has been raining on Waiheke, which means water in the tank, so I am having a good start to mine :)


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